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Advertising on each faucet can be targeted to promote a wide variety of products, services and offerings to the patrons using the venue’s washrooms in very demographic specific areas. Faucet Impressions roprietary software management solution allows ads to be controlled remotely and, unlike most other forms of advertising, can provide an accurate accounting of how many consumers see the ads.


The advertising space on each faucet will be sold in the same manner advertising is sold in other media. Advertisers will pay a fee for their ads to run on the desired faucets. Fee rates will be determined using standard advertising industry rates dependent on the number of impressions. Impressions are a measure of how many people view the ad spots.

Faucet Impressions may work with each venue to help sell advertising on VODXS™ faucets to large national advertisers as well as smaller advertisers such as local restaurants and bars, retailers and transportation services providers.


Venue owners have been selling advertising space, both static and digital, for many years. Faucet Impressions will provide new advertising revenue opportunities for venue owners by helping them sell advertising on these innovative hands-free faucets. Faucet Impressions is located in many various locations around the globe, consisting of all different types of venues including Malls, Theaters, Casinos, Hotels. Bars/Restaurants, Stadiums, Airports, Clubs and Museums.




  • 70% water savings over manual faucets
  • Monitored and managed water usage
  • No CAPEX to venue for faucets
  • Venue can advertise its own products and services
  • Selling advertising space on VODXS™ faucets
  • Leasing to venue owners the right to sell advertising .
  • Wayfinding and company bulletins