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Companies are looking at emerging technologies to increase revenues by leveraging advancements in advertising,including Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising. DOOH advertising represents advertising that reaches consumers while outside the home and through digital media. It contrasts traditional advertising mediums such as broadcast (e.g., TV, radio), print, and Internet.  Our technology can provide global messaging in minutes.


Faucet Impressions offers a unique medium that delivers a captive and quantifiable audience. For example,advertisers promoting a new woman's sports shoe line, may elect to advertise in women's washrooms in a sporting arena knowing they possess a captive audience of female sports fans. Imagine advertising a sunscreen product in poolside washrooms in a heavily populated resort pool or day spa?  Envision promoting a luxury product in the high-limit poker table restrooms. Picture box office sales are low in a casino after heavy promotion and 48 hours before showtime, and you issue call-to-action discounts to your patrons on property or in an outer network?


Faucet Impressions provides ad agency partners with real-time analytics on customer engagement, date and time stamping each advertisement that was viewed by venue patrons, and real-time access to change advertising campaigns. Agencies may use this data in promoting additional media spend, and recruiting additional sponsors.